Project Update - October 1st

Thanks so much for your patience everybody, and we hate to think the suspense is torturing you. Currently, we are considering about 30-40 people for the various roles.

Skype interviews are in full swing, and we hope to announce the final cast by October 15th.

Again, thanks for your participation! We are super grateful for everyone who took the time and effort to audition, and we hope to be able to work with many more of you on future productions.

The Gear

Note: The above images may not represent the actual equipment used. Equipment selection and sponsorship deals are an ongoing process, but it's in our best interest to make sure you have the highest quality gear!

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The Story

12 strangers take shelter in a basement during a solar storm, but soon conclude that surviving each other is more difficult than surviving outside. Think "Panic Room" meets "The Breakfast Club". Or "Das Boot" meets "Withnail & I".

The Voting

Vote count is not the determining factor in being cast, but it can tip the scales in close decisions. To give actors a say in who they'd like to work with, and to keep cheating to a minimum, a vote is only valid after voting for 3 different auditions. Voting will continue during the callback period.

The Filming

All communications take place online. During callbacks, the director speaks with all candidates and fields every conceivable question, including the terms of the profit share. Cast members receive their studios and set them up according to easy instructions. The cast "gets together" for a table reading. They are directed in one-on-one sessions, and they send in the footage. The cast members keep the gear, while we edit the footage to make the movie look like everyone shot together in a real basement location.

About the Writer/Director

Ryan James is a graduate of the acting program at CalArts. He's lived in 16 cities around the globe. Acting credits include The Illusionist, Shanghai Knights, Running Scared & more, he won two 2011 Amazon Studios awards for his voice acting and sound design, and has had four feature screenplays produced. This project is his passion, and he looks forward to hooking up with awesome, like-minded people to make it!

GRAPHIC DESIGN by Andres Pacheco MUSIC COMPOSED by Nadav Lazar
TRAILER CAST Lisa Ament, Michelle Arnold, James Babson, Markus Engel, Peter Hosking, Amy Huck, Sally Musleh Jaber, Nick Jennings, Anthony Johns, Robin Lochmann, Denis Lyons, Curtis Matthew & R. Scott Williams
SPECIAL THANKS to Martin Butler, Eliza Hiscox, Ronald Christoph, Sara Kwon & Maya Kvetny